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Summer schools in Angers

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Terms of cancellation

The University of Angers reserves the right to make changes to the programs, course contents, day trips or social events due to unforeseen circumstances. Minor alterations to our programs will not result in refunds.

Cancellation by the applicant:

If you cannot attend our Summer Schools for health or personal reasons, a refund of tuition fees will be made to you upon submission of substantiating documents before 17th May 2023. Please email us on:

Participants whose visa application is refused can get a refund of their tuition fees (proof of refusal is required before 17th May 2023). We advise all participants concerned by a visa application to request an acceptance letter from us and to start their visa application as soon as they have received the acceptance letter.

We strongly recommend all participants to purchase a cancellation insurance while booking their trips. In this epidemic context, we cannot be held responsible for any governmental actions taken before departure, and in that case we will only reimburse registration fees.

Cancellation by the University of Angers:

The University of Angers reserves the right to cancel the Summer School courses with a minimum of 3 weeks' notice.

If student numbers are insufficient to ensure the smooth running of our courses, the University of Angers will inform participants not later than 22nd May 2023 and a full refund of registration fees received will be provided. In such situation, the University of Angers cannot be held liable for any other costs incurred by the students in the process.