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Summer schools in Angers

Separated by coma


3rd - 10th July*

6th edition

1 week - 30 hours - 3 ECTS delivered

From Basic to Clinic 

According to World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases represent the leading health and diseases worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases are linked to the very complex interactions between genes, aging and life style, and various risk factors.

This intensive teaching program will give an overview of the actual and future knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Selected thematics will be presented by renowned researchers and clinicians experts in the field who will share with the participants their experience through  interactive plenary lectures, workshops, hands-on and laboratory visits.

Provisional sessions:

Organisation and attendance

*This period (3 - 10 July) covers the booking of the accommodation including in the registration fees. You are free to arrive later and leave earlier (Friday evening at the earliest) but please keep us informed in any case because we'll organise a welcoming at the train station on Saturday 3rd and a farewell ceremony on Friday afternoon 9th.

Classes take place in the Department of Medicine (Faculty of Health) and in the hospital labs, from Monday to Friday.

You must participate in all courses.

A certificate of attendance and 3 ECTS will be delivered at the end of the program.


Laurent LOUFRANI- Research Director, UMR INSERM 1083 MITOVASC IRIS 2,  Angers, FR

Pierre-Marie ROY - M.D., PhD, TSFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Serge WILLOTEAUX - M.D., PhD. Radiology, SFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Marc-Antoine CUSTAUD -  M.D., PhD, Physiology and CRCSFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Ludovic MARTIN - M.D., PhD, Dermatology and venereology,SFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Jean-François AUGUSTO- M.D., PhD, NephrologySFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Myriam AMMI - MCU, Thoracic surgery, SFR ICAT,  Angers, FR

Christian LEGROS - PhD, Physiology and Pharmacology, SFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Loïc BIERE - MCU Cardiology, SFR ICAT, Angers, FR

Bérangère FROMY - PhD Physiology, UMR 5305, Lyon, FR