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Summer schools in Angers

1st edition scheduled in 2022

LumoMat: Functional p-electron systems: design, synthesis, and characterization

Organic electronics, pipe-dream few decades ago, is now a reality as evidenced by the availability of various devices such organic light emitting diode (OLED) based displays that equip our houses (flat screen TVs) and pockets (smartphones). As a consequence, the advent of such research field has generated a craze in the scientific community leading to the synthesis and characterization of various classes of p-conjugated molecular and macromolecular semiconductors. Considering that this field is being called to expand in ways not even imaginable today with a total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics which is estimated to increase by ca. 2.5 within the next decade (e.g. low-cost large surface solar cells, OLEDs, sensors,…) for energy, health, environment, information storage and transport, etc.

The role of chemistry is undoubtedly central for developing these new generations of functional materials/devices and highly trained chemistry students, specifically educated to this emerging field, are therefore highly desirable to address this societal challenge.

In this context, the ambitious LumoMat project ( ), set up by three universities of Western France (Angers, Rennes and Nantes) and recently granted as a EUR Graduate School program, aims at training young high profile chemistry students to these emerging, multidisciplinary fields.

Topics will cover the design, synthesis, characterization of p-functional materials for organic electronics applications. In addition to theoretical courses, three practical workshops will be provided using facilities of a research lab (MOLTECH-Anjou / SFR Matrix) from the University of Angers.

This program will appeal to Master and Ph.D. students who want to develop advanced skills and deepen their understanding in various aspects of the chemistry related to the emerging and highly promising field of organic electronics.

The course will be entirely taught in English.


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