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Summer schools in Angers

"A perfect place for a summer school"

Annia Svejdova, Student, 21 y.o., Czech Republic, RSSA

  • What would you recommend for the next Summer school’s students ?

To be very active during the lessons and lectures, practise your english well before going there, do read medical books in english before sp you get used to medical terminology in english, have no fear to ask qustions, be open in mind to think creatively.

  • What did you think of the activities organized by the Summer Schools ?

It would be nice, if we had more time in the cities, especially Paris, and if the return on the other day would be also organised by the faculty.
Sport possibilities were very good, also the Beach La baulle was amazing.

  • What did you think of the Summer Schools’ courses ?

Many of the speakers were really enthusiastic and tried to make the lessons very interactive. Would be nice, if there was more "game like" activities to involve all, even the shy students.

  • What did you think of the city of Angers ?

A perfect place for a summer school, sports opportunities, nice culture and history. And it was not overcrowded by turists.

  • What did you think of the welcoming day ?

Well organised and prepared, barbeque was a great idea, so the students could speak and start to meet each other. I found it a bit pity, that besides this day, we had almost no chance to meet the collegues from CSSA.

  • Do you have a little story to share with us ?

The time spent in Angers was beautiful and a completely new experience for me, i made great friends with people all around the world and do stay in touch with some of them. I am very glad that i could participate in the RSSA and would recommend that to all 2nd year medical students who r interested in research, yet not completely sure if they want to devote their lifes to labs.