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Summer schools in Angers

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Participant Safety and Welfare

Participant Welfare

Participants will be under the supervision of the course staff while in the institute and during any other training arranged by the institute. Students will be accompanied by Summer Schools staff during the tour and visits as arranged by the institute.

They will be assisted in travelling to accommodation at the first day. Induction programme providing information and guidance will be provided at the start of the course. A guide booklet will be provided to familiarise the participants with the surrounding facilities, programs and other important information about the city.

During other times participants are responsible for their own self and being expected to look after themselves. A mobile contact number of the staff will be provided to be contacted at the time of assistance required. Participants should have their medical insurance to cover any medical expenses.


Safety campus


  • The number of students allowed on the campuses is very limited.
  • The classrooms and buildings will be cleaned and disinfected regularly (toilets, stair railings, strategic contact points).
  • The buildings will be ventilated as often as possible.
  • Buddy students have been recruted and have received training to supervise the compliance with the social distancing rule on


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