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Dealing with big data and big models in biology: current challenges in bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an exciting new area of interdisciplinary science. The future of many biological and medical studies promotes smart use of computational tools as an essential knowledge in scientists background.

The program developed in this summer school aims at bringing students the ability to conduct ambitious biological studies from big data analysis to extract relevant biomarkers to large scale models engineering in order to enhance biological production.

Topics to be covered include different fields of bioinformatics: data processing of genomic data, optimization methods in systems biology, statistics and classification for biomarker extraction, meta-genomics and a few more.

Focus is also made on valorization concerns and technology transfer. Workshops and visits of institutes in bioinformatics facilities are of course included.

This program is ideal for those wishing to develop advanced skills in bioinformatics. Prior experience in computer science and computer programming are not required.

This summer school is aimed at undergraduate students from 3rd year to Ph.D. in biological sciences / medicine / pharmacy / informatics / engineering or other scientific background. 

The course will be entirely taught in English.


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Biboye, University of Thompson Rivers, Canada, Bioinformatics Summer School 2018