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Summer Schools

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    Photo album

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    Summer schools in Angers

    Paris - Summer schools 2017
    Welcome barbecue - Summer Schools 2016
    Simulation in Healthcare Summer School 2017
    Bioinformatics Summer School 2016
    French picnic - Summer Schools 2016
    Visit of the Terra Botanica Park - Plant Science Summer School 2017
    Experimental surgery - Simulation center - Research Summer School 2016
    Simulation center - Simulation in healthcare Summer School 2017
    Atelier Ecole d'été Enfance et bien être 2016
    Atelier Ecole d'été Enfance et bien être 2016
    Kayak session - Summer Schools 2017
    Trip to the seacoast - Summer Schools 2017
    Visit of a plant nursery - Plant Sience Summmer School 2016
    Closing ceremony Vascular summer school 2017
    Simulation platform center - 2017
    Closing ceremony - Summer Schools 2017