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Summer Schools

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    Photo album

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    Summer schools in Angers

    Trip to Paris
    Welcome barbecue
    Simulation in Healthcare Summer School
    Bioinformatics Summer School
    French picnic
    Visit of the Terra Botanica Park - Plant Science Summer School
    Simulation center - Simulation in healthcare Summer School
    Experimental surgery - Simulation center - Research Summer School
    Atelier Ecole d'été Enfance et bien être
    Atelier Ecole d'été Enfance et bien être
    Kayak session
    Trip to the seacoast
    Visit of a plant nursery - Plant Sience Summmer School 2016
    Closing ceremony Vascular summer school
    Simulation platform center
    Closing ceremony
    Opening ceremony
    Welcome barbecue
    Visit of the castle of Angers
    Visit of the old city of Angers
    Summer Schools challenge
    Trip to the seacoast - La Baule
    Place du ralliement - Angers
    View of the old town of  Angers
    Along the Loire - Saumur
    Trip to Saumur
    The Summer Schools team 2018
    Visit of the castle of Angers