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    A few words on Angers

    Angers is a beautiful medieval city located in western France, with a unique 12th century fortress and the world’s greatest medieval tapestry. With a population over 160,000 inhabitants, the city is very green and surrounded by a great number of parks and gardens.

    With more than 30 000 students, Angers offers a dynamic lifestyle with frequent cultural events and festivals all year round.




    Located in the centre of a temperate zone,France enjoys 4 moderate seasons:

    • September, October and November: Autumn
    • December, January and February: Winter
    • Mars, April and May: Spring
    • June, July and August: Summer



    Angers weather is rather unpredictable but the “Angevins” are rarely confronted with extremes of heat or cold. The average daily temperature in winter is around3°Cand in summer it’s about25°Cwith plenty of sunshine. Adapting to the changeable weather is easy as long as you layer your clothing.