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Summer Schools

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    Courses 2019

    Courses 2019

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      Separated by coma
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    Workshops (expected sessions)

    • Teaching anatomy
    • Cardiopulmonary ausculation
    • Bronchial fibroscopy
    • First aid procedures
    • Newborn Care and Pediatric Resuscitation
    • Gynecological examination and childbirth
    • Urinary drainage
    • Surgical Sutures
    • Laparoscopy
    • Emergency communication
    • Breaking bad news to the patient
    • Neurological examination and lumbar puncture

    Immersion in an operating room or in an emergency department :

    • Emergency
    • Visceral surgery
    • Pediatric
    • Urology
    • Vascular surgery
    • Medical intensive care
    • Surgical resuscitation

    Courses organisation and attendance

    Classes take place on the simulation center and in locations within the hospital, from Monday to Friday.

    You must participate in all courses.

    A certificate of attendance and 6 ECTS will be delivered at the end of the program.



    To be defined


    Dr Souhil Lebdai, CHU Angers, FR

    Dr Pierre Bigot, CHU Angers, FR

    Dr Guillaume Legendre, CHU Angers, FR