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Summer Schools

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    Courses 2017

    Courses 2017

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      Separated by coma
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    Presentation of the simulation center of the university hospital


    The program relies on interactive classes and hands-on activities. Several workshops are organized, among them:

    • Teaching anatomy
    • Cardiopulmonary ausculation
    • Bronchial fibroscopy
    • First aid procedures
    • Newborn Care and Pediatric Resuscitation
    • Gynecological examination and childbirth
    • Urinary drainage
    • Surgical Sutures
    • Laparoscopy
    • Emergency communication Gynecological examination and Childbirth
    • Breaking bad news to the patient
    • Neurological examination and lumbar puncture


    DAY in situation

    • Emergency
    • Medical intensive care
    • Surgical resuscitation
    • Emergency operating room
    • Operating room for visceral surgery
    • Pediatric operating room
    • Urology Operating room
    • Operating room for vascular surgery


    Plenary conference by a renowned professor J.P Henry on the value of health simulation :

    “Lessons learned from the Mirage 2000 cockpit: what can we transfer from modern combat jets in our professional activities?”




    Local speakers :

    • P. Bigot
    • G. Legendre
    • G. Podevin
    • J. Berton
    • JC. Granry
    • P. Panayotopoulos
    • P. Mercier
    • B. Gohier
    • F. Brecheteau
    • P. Grison
    • E. Lermitte
    • J. Huro
    • R. Lancigu
    • F. Schmitt
    • C. Casa
    • L. Bière
    • P. Codron
    • N. Lerolle

    Other speakers :

    • JP Henry - Nancy
    • J Breaud - Nice


    Dr Pierre Bigot, CHU Angers, FR

    Dr Guillaume Legendre, CHU Angers, FR