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Summer Schools

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    Courses 2019

    Courses 2019

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    The program relies on interactive classes and hands-on activities.


    Plant Health :
    • Plant pathology : new technologies for disease diagnostic and pathogen detection
    • Phenotyping of plant diseases
    • Chemical ecology of insect crop pests
    • Plant resistance inducers (elicitors) in crop protection
    • Parasitic plants
    • Seed-borne pathogens : pathogenicity determinants  and microbial communities 
    Plant Quality :
    • Fruit post harvest quality
    • Architecture characterization of ornamental plant
    • Plant breeding and varietal resistance
    • Physiological quality of seeds 
    • Phenotyping for seed germination
    Studying in Angers and preparing a PhD thesis in France :
    • Presentation of the Plant Science campus
    • Roundtable with PhD students

    Hands-on activities

    • Droplet digital PCR applied to plant health and quality
    • e-phytia, web applications and mobile tools specialized in Plant Health
    • Bioinformatic with Galaxy for Dummies
    • Analytical and sensory methods to assess fruit quality
    • Quantitative trait Loci
    • Aphid olfactory choice experiments
    • Electrophysiological recordings of insect antennae
    • qPCR - a methodology to quantify defense gene expression in plant
    • Characterization of parasitic plant- host plant relationship
    • Plant photosynthetic activity
    • Architectural analysis of plant by 3D digitization
    • Phenotyping -Image analysis and study of germination
    • Phenotyping - Quantification of disease severity using image analysis

    Scientific visits


    Invited speakers

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