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Summer Schools

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    Courses 2016

    Courses 2016

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    The program relies on interactive classes and hands-on ativities. Several workshops are organized, among them

    • "qPFD: an innovative device for screening and evaluating plant elicitors”
    • “In Silico design of plant pathogen identification tests
    • “Macroscopic and microscopic observations of medicinal plants”
    • “Genetic determinism of QTL”
    • “Rose phenotyping and genotyping”
    • “Transcriptomic data analysis”
    • “Analytical methods for assessing fruit quality”
    • "Biological data analysis : plant phenotyping"

    Participants  will have access to the 11th meeting of the SFBV (French Society of Plant Biology).

     Visits of international research institutes


    • Plant defense stimulation, plant protection and plant memory
    • Genomic and Bacterial diagnostic
    • Weed control in intercropping systems                                         
    • Physiology and Nutritional Quality of seeds                                
    • Post-harvest fruit quality management 
    • Parasitic plants

    Invited speakers