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Summer Schools

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      Separated by coma
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    Provisional program 2015

    • Mitochondrial respiration
    • Genotyping of mitochondrial haplogroupes
    • Mitochondrial imaging
    • Oxidative stress
    • Mitochondrial bioinformatics
    • Discussion and presentation of clinical cases

    Plenary conference by Prof Gareth Williams, renowned professor.

    • Session 1: Pathophysiology of mitochondrial metabolism  
    • Session 2: Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups in evolution and diseases
    • Session 3: Pathophysiology of mitochondrial dynamics
    • Session 4: Mitochondria and oxidative stress
    • Session 5: Genetics of mitochondrial disorders
    • Session 6: Mitochondrial optic neuropathies
    • Session 7: Mitochondria and cancer
    • Session 8: Mitochondrial bioinformatics



    Information about admission and registration

     Unfortunately this school doesn't be held this year (2015)

    Invited speakers

    • V Carelli, Bologna, Italy
    • M Haigis, Harvard, USA
    • D Miléa, Singapore
    • A Rötig, Paris-Descartes, FR
    • F Vallette, Nantes, FR
    • P Yu-Wai-Man, Newcastle, UK
    • G Williams,Bristol, UK


    Pr. Vincent PROCACCIO

    Pr. Pascal REYNIER