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Summer Schools

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    Courses 2018

    Courses 2018

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    The program relies on interactive classes and hands-on activities.

    Several workshops are organized, among them:

    • Case study and guided exercices on “Computer modeling of living systems”
    • Analysis of proteomics data



    • Warm up session : Informatics for beginners (R and Python)
    • Unix Command Initiation (optional)
    • Introduction to protein structure prediction
    • Ontologies and biology databases
    • Environmental Genomics
    • Introduction to machine learning with Python
    • Association mapping and system genetics : from GWAs to function
    • Statistics and classification on genomic data
    • Introduction to metabolic networks
    • Bioinformatics and Business companies

    Download the provisional program


    Courses organisation and attendance

    Classes take place on the Faculty of Sciences from Monday to Friday any time between 9am and 5.30pm. Computer hardware is provided.

    You must participate in all courses.

    A certificate of attendance and 6 ECTS will be delivered at the end of the programme.


    Invited speakers