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Summer Schools

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    Miguel Marin

    Miguel Marin

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    "Curiosity, open mind and predisposition to meet new people"

    Miguel Marin, Student, 18 y.o., Spain, RSSA

    • What would you recommend for the next Summer school’s students ?

    Curiosity, open mind and predisposition to meet new people.

    • What did you think of the activities organized by the Summer Schools ?

    Very well organized and all of them where different so you are not going to be all the time with the talks you can disconnect and have some fun.

    • What did you think of the Summer Schools’ courses ?

    I like it very much, I like so much that i'm going to apply to the cancer summer school this summer and participate if you accept me again.

    • What did you think of the city of Angers ?

    A dynamic city where you can do a plenty of different activities

    • What did you think of the welcoming day?

    Was a great idea because we introduce ourself to each other and have the first contact on an relax atmosphere.

    • Do you have a little story to share with us?

    For sure, the coordinators were very proactive to aour doubts and problems, but also very friendly. we went out to a pub a few times and one of them invited us to his home to have dinner! really enjoyable!