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Summer Schools

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    "Curiosity, open mind and predisposition to meet new people"

    Miguel Marin, Student, 18 y.o., Spain, RSSA

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    "Courses were very informative and exciting and it opened my eyes to many things"

    Alaa Salah, Final year student of Dentistry, 19 y.o., Sudan.

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    "The welcoming day was a great opportunity to mingle with the other students"

    Cristina Ginés Gallego, 4th year medical student, 19 y.o., Spain, RSSA

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    "I gained a lot of insight into areas I am unfamiliar"

    Brandon Binnie, University student, 20 y.o., Australia, RSSA

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    "A perfect place for a summer school"

    Annia Svejdova, Student, 21 y.o., Czech Republic, RSSA

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    "It was a great balance for the mix of medical and biology students"

    Markéta Polidarovà, Student, 21 y.o., Czech Republic, RSSA

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    "I was proud of attending them !"

    Veronica GUDUMAC, Intern in neurology, 24y.o., Moldova (The Republic Of), CSSA

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