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    From Basic to Clinic 

    According to World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases represent the leading health and diseases worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases are linked to the very complex interactions between genes, aging and life style, and various risk factors.

    The VESSAL intensive teaching program will give an overview of the actual and future knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Selected thematic will be presented by renowned researchers and clinicians experts in the field who will share with the participants their experience through  interactive  plenary lectures, workshops, hands-on and laboratory visits.

    Visits and workshops


    • Inherited Cardiovascular diseases: from gene to function
    • Angiogenesis : fundamental & clinical applications
    • Metabolic diseases and their cardiovascular counterparts
    • Vascular biology: from bench to bedside
    • Hormones and vessels
    • Thrombosis and coagulation
    • Neural control of vasculature
    • Immunity and vascular diseases
    • Micro and macro vascular remodeling in CV diseases  
    • Cardiovascular deconditioning on Earth and in Space
    • Usefulness of diagnostic algorithms in vascular diseases


    Scientific programme endorsed by the ESC Working Group on Peripheral Circulation and the