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    Program 2015


    The aim of this program is mainly to give practical and interactive classes to students. Workshops are planned and a visit of the prestigious research institute of Hematology at St-Louis hospital,Paris, will be organized.


    Plenary conference by Prof. Gareth Williams, renowned professor of Medicine and former dean of Medicine in Bristol, UK

    • Session 1: Epigenomics and cancer
    • Session 2: Acute leukemia                         
    • Session 3 (all day): Genetics of brain tumors
    • Session 4 (all day): Workshop on Genomics and Bioinformatics                                                    
    • Session 5: Pharmacogenomics and high throughput screening of drugs
    • Session 6: Imaging - PET scanning in cancer
    • Session 7: Colon cancer
    • Session 8: Breast cancer          
    • Session 8: Kidney cancer
    • Session 9: Lung cancer and personalized medicine
    • Session 10: Melanoma
    • Session 11: Ras signaling pathways in cancer
    • Session 12: Next generation sequencing (NGS) in cancer
    • Visit of the research institute of Hematology, St Louis hospital, Paris (all day)


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    Pr. Audrey ROUSSEAU

    Pr. Philippe GUARDIOLA