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Summer Schools

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    Admission criteria

    The selection of students will be made considering motivation,  English level and previous scientific or research experience, if any.

    In addition, each summer school has its own set of specific requirements.

    Application and admission procedure

    On the homepage, click on the course title to get to the specific page for this summer school. The online application form can be found on the page 'Application and admission procedures'.

    Once you have submitted your application form, you will receive an answer within approximately five working days.

    If you are selected, you will receive the link for registration and payment.

    Once you have paid the tuition fees, a place will be reserved for you in the program.

    Registration fees

    Each summer school has its own fees, available on its page 'Application and admission procedures'.

    Fees include tuition, welcoming and teaching materials, accommodation, coffee breaks, lunches (excluding week-end), scheduled excursions and extracurricular activities during the course.

    The Summer Schools do not cover the costs of passports, visas, health insurance, travel to and from Angers*, dinners*, breakfast*. The University of Angers is also unable to provide a scholarship*.

    *Except for the Plant and Health quality Summer School (go on the dedicated page)

    A certificate of attendance and ECTS will be delivered at the end of the courses.

    DEADLINE TO APPLY : 15th of April 2020


    Placement will be based on the order of payment (first-come first-served)*

    *Special discounts are offered to certain conditions. Go on the page 'Application and admission procedures' of the summer school you are interested in.


    Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa for entering the France, called Schengen visa (short stay visa) : https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/france-visa/

    Please ask us a letter of acceptance as soon as you receive our notification of acceptance.